Hey Trump, Single Mom Here

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Director of Trump’s Office of Management and Budget, Mick Mulvaney, cares about single moms in Detroit, and he cares about coal miners in West Virginia. He cares so much so that he wouldn’t ask either to foot the bill for educational television, or the Arts. As a single mom myself, I would like to say thank you Dick– sorry– thank you Mick for not asking.

But Mick, you didn’t ask me how I felt about funding an Aspen trip for Trump’s entitled extended family. I see that $12,000 was spent on ski rentals for the 100 secret service officers who were required to provide around the clock protection for the elite billionaire spawn and their spawn over spring break. That entire bill was paid for by taxpayers like me…a single mom, and taxpayers like that coal miner in West Virginia. Trumpswho have never known what it is to go without…

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Senate (Tritina)

O at the Edges

Senate (Tritina)

Not imposition, but welcome. The way
cooperation welcomes coercion, turning the
tenor of the intended phrase, opening

the statement to interpretation, opening
a point without dissension, in the way
of politics, agreeing which fact will shape the

morning, which truth will determine the
next word and the subsequent, as if opening
the issue, claiming to have found the way,

one way, the only, but never actually opening.

* * *

A Tritina might best be described as the lazy poet’s Sestina, consisting of ten rather than 39 lines, with the end words of the first stanza repeating in a specific pattern in the subsequent two stanzas. The last line includes all three end words.

The patterns:
The last line uses the end words in sequence following the pattern of the first stanza.

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