Joyous Tears of Remorse

It is difficult to rejoice

When black-hearted legislators

May fail to pass a rotten bill

That would injure millions,

When the reason for their failure

Isn’t budding new compassion

But rather that is costs too much

And still serves some “undeserving”.


Please Don’t Come

No my friends, don’t come!

It’s not that your not welcome

In my humble home;

I would love to have you stay

That, together, we could roam

Far and wide my friend,

To explore the mysteries

Of my home country.

But the climate change has come

So I can not guarentee

Your safety in this 

Once fair land that I would love

For you to come and share with me.

Accept my regrets;

Pray hold it not against me

When I say please stay away

For both of our dear safety.