Leaks, Spills,Chills and Thrills – the Day-After for Trump: His War on Intelligence will Heat Up

democracy on hold

Did I mention President Trump is concerned about leaks?  My previous post somewhat laboriously argued the point.  Day two shows that we are hot on his trail.  Indeed, the point to be made by our honored president regarding Flynn’s unfortunate resignation was the dire fact of leakage – not of potential discrepancy between fact and assertion – a common-place occurrence on Capitol Hill, after all – but the fact of drip, drip, drip……. wait a minute… gush.

And why has his focus unaccountably narrowed to that little issue?  because the flood gates are open!  It now emerges – not surprisingly – that  “Hours after Michael Flynn, Mr Trump’s national security adviser, resigned after misleading the White House over conversations with the Russian ambassador to the US, reports emerged that key campaign aides had also been communicating with Russian officials.”  This hardly need come as a surprise, of course…

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