Please Don’t Come

No my friends, don’t come!

It’s not that your not welcome

In my humble home;

I would love to have you stay

That, together, we could roam

Far and wide my friend,

To explore the mysteries

Of my home country.

But the climate change has come

So I can not guarentee

Your safety in this 

Once fair land that I would love

For you to come and share with me.

Accept my regrets;

Pray hold it not against me

When I say please stay away

For both of our dear safety.





You know, in the past, regardless the president in power, it has always pretty much been a constant whine from all the many millions of gun lovers toting their many more millions of guns that their Second Amendment rights are under constant attack by a relentless blizzard of liberal, commie-shaped snowflakes… so their steady stream of bawling blather has always been received by me as nothing more than unintellig-ent/ible, self-flagellating noise.

But now, with our First Amendment rights under a for real attack by Trump and his pack of stooges, it pains me to have to assume that those same Second Amendment Peters who were constantly crying Wolf about losing their rights are now happily standing by, armed and ready, to support and even help facilitate our Wolf-in-Chief achieve his vicious autocratic goals.



I never could have believed, and still can’t, that we in the United States of…

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Praying for Eyebrowz

Since our most recent presidential election the word kleptocracy has gained popularity. I figured it had something to do with theft or thievery, but wanted to be certain.

Sure enough, Webster’s confirmed my suspicions:

I think I’ll try my hand at a poem.


There are foxes in the henhouse
See them slinking in the aisles?
Claiming our chickens as their own
While smirking their sly smiles.

There are wolves among the sheep
Camouflaged in off-white fleece,
Pay no attention to the bleating
As sharp teeth devour a tasty feast.

There are thieves in the capital
Snatching away our rights
Kleptocrats with no restraint
And they sleep well at night.

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